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Biographical Sketch at the Wisconsin Historical Society
Hoy, A.H.
Location: Racine
Title: History of Racine and Kenosha counties, Wisconsin, page(s) 591
Published: 1976
Hoy, Benjamin Franklin
Title: Civil War veterans of Winnebago county, Wisconsin, page(s) 368
Author: Langkau, David A.
Published: 1993
Notes: Biographies of county residents who served in the Civil War; covers surnames A-T; as of 2000, no third volume published
Hoy, Philo Romayne (1816-1892)
Location: Racine
Title: Some Wisconsin naturalists, page(s) 6-11
Portrait: Yes
Author: Schorger, A. W.
Published: 1946
Hoy, Dr. Philo Romayne (1816-1892)
Title: United States biographical dictionary, Wisconsin volume, page(s) 78-79
Source Type: Biographical Sketch
Published: 1877

Hoy, Philo Romante (1816-1892)
Location: Racine

Hoy, Dr. Philo Romayne (1816-1892)
Source Type: Obituary
Published: 12/08/1892
Notes: Obituary notice of the death of Dr.Philo R.Hoy, of Racine,Wis.Dec. 8, 1892. Racine Daily Journal
Hoy, Philo Romayne (1816-1892)
Location: Racine
Source Type: Newspaper Article
Published: 05/02/1922
Notes: Dr.Philo R.Hoy, pioneer scientist.

Hoy, Philo Romayne (1816-1892)
Title: Dictionary of Wisconsin biography, page(s) 179
Author: State Historical Society of Wisconsin.
Published: 1960
Notes: Biographical dictionary.

Hoy, Philo Romayne
Title: A few good men of Wisconsin, page(s) 13
Published: 1995
Notes: Reprint of biographical sketches from ILLUSTRATED HISTORICAL ATLAS OF WISCONSIN.
Greeley, Helen (maiden name Hoy)
Title: Pioneers in the law: the first 150 women, page(s) 31
Author: State Bar of Wisconsin. Pioneers in the Law Committee
Published: 1998
Notes: Biographies of Wisconsin women attorneys

Lake, Edna Amanda (1897-1933)
Maiden Name: Hoy
Title: Methodist Episcopal Church, Conferences, East Wisconsin. Minutes., page(s) 332-3
Portrait: Yes
Author: Methodist Episcopal Church, Conferences, East Wisconsin
Published: 1933
Notes: Kenosha, Wis.

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